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What is record marketing?

Guerrilla Mk

Record breaking is the guerrilla marketing modality that has grown the most in recent years.


Because we beat the record that best represents and improves our brand image.

Strengthening values

Because we beat the record that best represents and improves our brand image.

Which record will position me better?

All companies need to enhance their corporate values ​​and thus differentiate themselves from their competitors: leadership, price, differentiation, quality, experience, innovative, supportive ...

We analyze the type of ideal record that best reinforces your values ​​and brand image, generating a unique experience for your target.


What do we get?


A new record automatically becomes news, attracting all the media attention, and in some cases, getting a lot of virality.

Brand Awarness

Your target can be involved in the record in a participatory way or as a mere spectator, generating an unforgettable experience and memory.

Brands Lovers

Getting consumers with an emotional connection is very difficult. Being the first to do something incredible will build loyalty to your brand lovers and drive new followers of your brand.

How do we do it?

We analyze what type of record best represents your values

According to your positioning strategy and brand image (leadership, differentiation, innovative, supportive, experience, quality of service, etc ...) we evaluate which records will best represent the strengths of your company.

We provide a creative touch getting media coverage

Once the record style is outlined, we can choose to give it a creative touch to make it more newsworthy and viral. From an underwater billiard marathon to the largest chocolate sculpture in the world. The possibilities are endless!

Ok! and I wonder...

New record or existing record?

Both options can be successful. In general, surpassing an existing brand offers greater guarantees of media coverage, but inventing a new record can be very captivating.

Is it necessary for my target to participate?

You can involve your potential consumers, regulars or even your brand lovers. Participation can be on / offline, it can be beaten by your own brand but your consumers could also be the protagonists.

Is a Guinness judge necessary?

You don't have to come to achieve goals. Depending on the type of record, brands can be accredited by sending documentation electronically. In other cases, a Guinness judge is required to come.

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