viral marketing

we burn the streets

so that the networks burn

Street marketing is the first step towards virality.

we get them to talk about you!

We use different viral techniques to increase brand recognition


We take advantage of the offline channel to reach the online channel and obtain a greater impact.


Online and offline campaigns must be aligned to achieve our goal.


We create original content on the street so that it goes viral in a natural way.

Viral marketing advantages


The most impressive campaigns are shared on social networks and other media, thus becoming viral.

It is not invasive

We live in a world where users are getting too many intrusive advertising hits.

Brand Awareness

Getting users to speak well of you naturally is something we all want to achieve.

How do we get it?


We think of an original and unique action to impact users using different techniques (mystery, surprise, fun ...)


It is essential to connect with the emotions of your customers so that they viralize the content in a natural way.


We try to get our audience to participate, an interactive viral campaign will bring us closer to our final goal.


The viral campaign has to be short, spread quickly and generate great expectation so that it is easier to spread.


We do not stick to a single medium, although the video format usually works very well. Diffusion on different media.

Viral plan

We plan the first actions to give it a first push so that later it goes viral in a natural way.

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